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Decoration Guide: how to choose carpet

From the perspective of paired with room

First of all, following the principle of color. Through the analysis of color for indoor material, choosing the right carpet color. There is a simple solution: several main colors in the room as the carpet color elements, the choice is simple and accurate. After guaranteeing the unity of color harmony and, finally, identify patterns and styles. It often determines the whole room style trends, modern or classical; is a native or exotic; is it fashion or classic, of course, you can also create a highly personalized style of room.

From the perspective of carpets

In General, if the carpet is on the doorstep, generally suitable for laying carpet or mat of small size for decorating or home, and household cleaning, suitable for selecting carpet. Down on the living room carpet you need to take up more space, you can select a thick, abrasion-resistant carpet. Larger the best laying it under the sofa, made the overall uniform effect. If the the living room area is small, should choose an area slightly larger than coffee table carpets. If you are in the bedroom, the carpet's role is to create a warm atmosphere for your environment, so the texture of the carpet is quite important. Some fluff in the market long dominated by pink carpet specifically designed for the bedroom, laying at home is warm and romantic.

Bedroom carpet, need to be able to make some warm and romantic, dominated by Pink; the living room carpet is about thick, wear-resistant, but also taking into account the overall décor of the room.

If it is in the child's room, you can choose carpet with a cartoon character pattern. From looking at the texture, you can choose which is easy to clean and slip-resistant wool carpet.

From the perspective of quality carpet

Carpet quality matters to carpet the length of life, regardless of the texture of carpet choices, excellent carpet appearance quality requires a surface without damage, no stains, no folds, traces of chromatic aberration, streaks and patches are not obvious, carpet edges bend. Carpet choices, should watch his back, carpet back lining, permeability adhesive removal.

In General, some woven carpets are very prone to shedding, and under pressure to make restitution.

At present carpets woven and constructed two, before buying carpet distinction is what the carpet is a wise choice. Because some woven rugs tend to fold, color, hair, color, and so on.