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Floor non-slip flooring non-slip tips

1, carpet mats

Laying of anti-skid materials such as carpet floor mats are the most convenient, saving time and effort. But cleaning of carpet floor mats are often awkward, and to some extent also affect the overall appearance. Carpet in the most squalid kitchen is very unrealistic.

2, normal, simple handling

Restaurant floor is too slippery, partly on the ground of stains and grease stains caused by oil well was on the floor in order to be clear, you can drag to add the right amount of detergent in hot water and alcohol, this effect is very well done, dry cleaned out the floor a little later.

3, physical treatment of the ground

The ground by machine polished, carved some patterns and other physical processing of floor, address concerns about flooring non-slip more stupid, but not so perfect in appearance, and because the floor of part of the rugged, cleaning there is some difficulty in the future.

4, the use of non-slip liquid

For various reasons left on the surface of the water must be processed in a timely manner, on the floor with anti-slip solution anti-slip treatment is very effective, using skid-proof flooring is quick and safe non-slip surface resistance and anti-skid treatment quickly and conveniently, does not affect the normal use of the floor.