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Intimate residential carpet tips

Material selection

1, construction materials

Carpet (according to the paved area, reasonable to buy appropriate sizes of carpet, with a material economy), adhesives, carpet seaming iron, hemp cloth, carpet thorn aluminium Batten ladder.

2, the construction tools

Cut a pair of scissors, trimming machines, 100mm flat spade, paint brushes, cleaners, tensioners, cutter, line chalk bag, iron, hammers

Process flow

Clean up grass-roots--crop-made carpets-PIN card, bead shop--joint treatment – technology – rest and clean up

2 requirements:

Cleaning the grass-roots level, lay the carpet base requires a certain degree of strength, turn base surface must be flat, no potholes, cracks, and keep clean, such as grease, scrub use acetone or turpentine, the rough should be filled with cement mortar, wood flooring laying carpet, should pay attention to nails, Thorn, so as not to damage the carpet