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Standard paving methods for wall-to-wall carpet, install carpet standard

Standard carpeted concrete steps:

1, according to the drawing instructions for field measurements, and ensure that the angle of the walls and corners. Combined with the overall results, calculate the size and prepared the room number to prevent spread wrong.

2, along the nailed wood tack strips in turn around the room, ensure that the barbed dowel towards the walls, fixed carpet bottom, wooden nail from the wall for about 8mm.

3, laying a moisture mat, moisture-proof mats in turn covered an entire room, fixed with adhesive tape to prevent sliding, trim and dowel contact area, average distance dowel edges of about 5mm.

4, will be cut well in accordance with the direction of laying carpet on the mat, carpet needs stitching in the direction to generally good location.

5, put together to sew need from top to bottom and move around, on the pattern of much, and trimming the edges, using rug special hot paste two pieces of carpet together, and corrected, making the surface smooth to trace invisible stitching.

6, use the rug special knee brace to pull the carpet tight, Zhang ping, and hanging on the pegs, with carpet and shovel to be fixed.

7, use a utility knife to cut the excess carpet, edges with a shovel on the kick line beneath, and clean up the excess hair.

8, picking off the excess carpet scrap and dust.