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Vinyl weave pattern carpet knowledge large lecture hall

Woven pattern carpet raw material for vinyl, vinyl is a type of PVC. PVC characteristics of the product itself is unstable, easily shrink under different natural environments. Vinyl weave pattern carpets are also highly volatile, late contracting and other defects.

Foreign technology is relatively mature, it joined the broken glass on production, product stability, very good solution to product shrinkage.

Domestic manufacturers generally uses the dorsal end of dense, black foam bottom, back the end of the simple imitation of foreign products, remain unresolved contract issues.

Current: fabric layer + Layer + elastic the same color fabric + foam + fiberglass keel ground fitting five-layer composite technology, product stability later without shrinkage.

Back is white at the end of the back, indicating that raw materials used is a material. Foreign brands and well-known, not superfluous here. In addition to other brands are using single layer of dense foam at the end of the end of such late product stability cannot be guaranteed.