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An Analysis Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Kids Mat In Children' S Room

An Analysis of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Kids Mat in Children' s romm
First, the advantages of Kids Mat
Compared to other ground materials, in the children's room for decoration, children's mats have many advantages, these advantages are mainly the following points.
1, children pad warm and comfortable place to sit
Kids Mat has a long history, initially used for the floor is to keep the wet and cold and comfortable sitting. Children's mats not only have a barrier to the coolness of the ground, but also its soft material, can give people a warm feeling, people in the Kids Mat, whether it is pedal or sitting are very comfortable. General children like to fought on the ground, so children's room laying Kids Mat can cover the hard ground, so that children can enjoy playing.
2, Kids Mats have a good security protection
Kids Mat is a soft pavement material, different from tiles, flooring and other materials. It is good slip and softness can make people in the above is not easy to slip and bump. So if the children's room with Kids Mat, you can give the child a safe line of defense.
3, Kids Mats have a better sound-absorbing sound effects
Compared with the floor and floor tiles, Kids Mat because of its tight breathable structure, can absorb and isolate the sound waves, with good sound and sound insulation effect. Not only can keep their own quiet room, but also can prevent the sound too noisy and disturb the downstairs households. Children are more lively, the room can choose to shop with children pad to reduce noise.
4, Kids Mat color patterns and diverse decorative strong
Children pad with a rich pattern, brilliant colors, a variety of shapes, with a very good decorative effect. Choose a color, pattern suitable Kids Mat for children's room, not only to brighten the entire space, but also to stimulate the child's curiosity and interest.
Second, the weakness of Kids Mat
In the use of children's room, the Kids Mat mainly two more deadly disadvantages, one Kids Mat easy to adsorb dust, breeding bacteria; Second, the Kids Mat clean cleaning more difficult.
1, children pad easy to attach dust to bacteria
As the mattress surface of the Kids Mat is a dense pile structure, with a strong ability to dust. This is a relative reduction in the amount of dust in the air, but on the other hand also lead to too much dust on the Kids Mat. At the same time some Kids Mat due to cleaning and maintenance is not timely, easy to breed bacteria, mites, long-term use can cause children with bronchitis and respiratory diseases. Therefore, in order to ensure the health of the child, it is recommended to try to choose the quality of confidence, not easy to vacuum the breeding of children's children pad.
2, children's mat cleaning and maintenance is more difficult
Compared to tiles and flooring, children's mat cleaning and maintenance is much more difficult. First of all, children's mat easy to get dirty dirt, need frequent dust, and secondly, because the Kids Mat more porous, easy to filth, clean more difficult. Children are often easy to get fruit juice, food chips, etc. to Kids Mats, so children's room children's mat more easily dirty. For children's health, Kids Mats need to be often cleaned and maintained.
The pattern of the Kids Mat will affect the effective life of the Kids Mat, for example, due to changes in texture, contamination and stains, the appearance of plain or light-colored children's mats is faster than the body's dark pattern pattern The pavement material, which will affect the actual life of the child mats - that is, the appearance changes to reach the Kids Mat can no longer be used and have to replace the new ones.
Increasing the quality of the Kids Mat, such as increasing the weight weight of the pile weight without changing the color and pattern design will not increase the expected life of the Kids Mat.
If the choice of patterns seriously affect the life of Kids Mat, only to increase the number of cleaning or change the color, pattern design can improve its life.