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Analysis Of The Latest Development Trend Of Children 's Carpet

Analysis of the latest development trend of children 's Carpet
Every mother is eager to create a warm and comfortable living environment for their children, whether it is wallpaper color, small bed shape, or light and shade, according to the child can feel the best atmosphere to build. In the period of babbling babbling, they have not learned to walk, can only crawl, parents will be covered with a variety of children's Carpet, so that children can play freely, so that he and his parents play in the process of feeling strong Thick love.
Most of the rugs currently sold in the market are adult household models, or direct supply to the hotel and office such special occasions, children's Carpet market share is almost small business small workshops or large wholesale market, no brand, no Word of mouth, to find a suitable children's Carpet is not easy. Brand scarcity, resulting in chaos of the status of children's Carpet industry, small shops presented products, only the general small folk brand, can not be compared with the international big brands. In people's increasingly demanding for life, more and more thin times, the general product has been unable to meet the needs of consumers fine life.
Industry people know that the biggest difference between Carpet and other goods is no brand dispute, not to mention in the Carpet industry this humble children's market. But no brand dispute means that there is no competition? Actually otherwise. With the popularity of the Carpet in the market and the popularity of thousands of households, the demand becomes larger, consumers have their own positioning for the product, especially the modern parents of the children's favor, they are willing to spend a suitable price to buy a suitable Carpet for children to play The
Public business saw the market, constantly evolving a number of in line with the market, in line with elders consumer psychology and children's psychological products to meet the demand. For example, 91 series of textile design network released this series of the latest children's Carpet trends, for the current children's Carpet market opened a show light. Content refers to the choice of Carpet material, cotton, wool, sheepskin and synthetic fibers are commonly used fabric, felt and sheepskin without edge trim and wrapping, it can be flexible to show a variety of Carpet style. Numerous styles are divided into several trend points:
Patterns: inspired by animals and toys, designers highlight the simple outline of the Carpet lines. These Carpet are relatively compact and compact, can be used as a decorative single product, for the younger children are more appropriate, animals are smart visual sense full of playfulness.
Illustration rules: designers from the children's paintings to draw inspiration, including human, animal or fictional image, to create a simple shape and eye-catching pattern appearance. Every moment of the child is like reading a fairy tale, vivid expression of the way.
Letter design: entertaining most loved by parents. In the process of playing the child can learn the knowledge, but also to inspire children's thinking. Designers from the alphabet and school books to draw inspiration, to create a considerable sense of the Carpet. Bright colors and neutral colors of the background color to form a striking contrast.
Children's Carpet may not only for children, for the sweet and lovely style of the girls, the bright colors and unique cartoon patterns, and instantly enhance the sense of fun space, or Zhuangnen the brilliant idea. Do not have to worry about the appearance of the Carpet will make the room become crowded, in fact, as long as the method properly, in a small space to use the Carpet not only will not let the room smaller, on the contrary can produce extended line of sight, add unexpected results, like this lovely and full Trolltech style Carpet in the home textile design network there are many, are domestic and foreign hot style and pattern, for the love of home improvement and home textile manufacturers, is undoubtedly a huge treasure.
With the popularity of "light decoration, heavy decoration" consumption concept, the role of the Carpet in the home life is more and more important, it extends to every corner of the house, warm and soft, casual nature, not only adults like, the Carpet is also a child They are happy paradise, all walks of life consumers are beginning to recognize and accept it.