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Analysis On The Development Trend Of Chinese Printed Carpet Industry

Analysis on the Development Trend of Chinese Printed Carpet Industry
In recent years, China's tourism hotel industry and the rapid development of real estate, Printed Carpet market to more than 20% rate of sustained growth. It is estimated that the next few years, China's Printed Carpet growth is still strong.
With the improvement of living environment and the improvement of living standards, the potential of China's domestic Printed Carpet market will be gradually developed, and thus the development of the entire Printed Carpet industry plays a decisive role.
With the printing of the carpet this elegant, comfortable, in all the paving materials in the release of the least harmful gas characteristics have been widely recognized, printed carpet sales in China will have a substantial increase. The new market demand will create many new business opportunities for the development of the Printed Carpet industry.
First, take the quality, brand road is inevitable
It is reported that the largest international Printed Carpet manufacturers ready to enter China, is expected in the next few years, China's Printed Carpet market competition will be more intense, when the Chinese Printed Carpet industry will face reshuffle, but will be more orderly. When the printed carpet market segmentation trend is obvious, the Printed Carpet enterprises will pay more attention to differentiated development, and will be targeted to develop their own marketing strategy. At the same time more and more enterprises will be out of the price war of misunderstanding, on the quality, brand competition.
Second, the Printed Carpet industry technology research direction
(A) the development of anti-static, flame-retardant dual-function nylon Printed Carpet
At present the world's Printed Carpet industry is the main development object is nylon Printed Carpet. A variety of application environment on the nylon Printed Carpet functional put forward higher requirements, such as anti-static, fire-retardant, anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, resistance to yellow, etc., so that the design and production of nylon Printed Carpet began to functional functional direction Transfer. Development and production of multi-functional nylon Printed Carpet will become the main direction of the Printed Carpet industry.
(2) Recycling of old printed carpets
The manufacture of new printed carpet fibers with the fiber components of old printed carpets is a major goal of the printed carpet industry. But the cost of production of this recycling process has been high, so that a large number of old printed carpet fiber can not enter the closed recovery system. After the United States Printed Carpet industry continued efforts, and finally by the DSM company to develop a cost-effective closed recovery process. There are some companies in the United States in the old Printed Carpet renovation renovation, and then as a cheap product re-listed. Milliken Printed Carpet company to use the old printed carpet cleaning, cutting, re-coloring or overprint, and the old printed carpet monochrome surface with an interesting color pattern re-printing and dyeing. The cost is only half the size of the new printed carpet.
(C) wool Printed Carpet anti-pollution finishing new technology
Consumers on the indoor fabric anti-fouling requirements are getting higher and higher. Wool is not like nylon, which itself has a degree of anti-fouling function, this is because the wool fiber surface of the water repellent so that the wool is not easy to moisture, so there is good anti-fouling performance. Although the wool will not be stained like nylon, due to the inherent anti-fouling function, but once the damp, wool Printed Carpet anti-fouling performance will be reduced, so the contamination of the wool is not a big problem, but shallow Color Printed Carpet or interior decoration is a problem to be solved.
Third, although the Printed Carpet industry is developing rapidly, but there are still many problems in the next few years will continue to exist:
1, the domestic manufacturers from the overall scale of small, scattered equipment, production capacity is relatively limited, the equipment operation rate is low.
2, "printed carpet row of chlorine" event, to a certain extent, will make consumers in the consumption of printed carpet more and more wise, rational, and even printed on the carpet have a bad understanding or resistance.
3, low-cost dumping and design of the imitation, copy, is now restricting the further development of China's Printed Carpet industry problems.
4, product quality worthy of attention both inside and outside the industry. Leading to domestic Printed Carpet appears unqualified product is not the direct cause of technology, equipment, but man-made factors.