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Carpet Construction Standards

Carpet construction standards
1. Before the carpet laying, the interior must be finished. All heavy equipment in the room has been in place and has been commissioned, run, and verified all meet the eligibility criteria.
2. laying the ground floor carpet floor, requiring the surface smooth, smooth, clean, if the oil, with acetone or turpentine wipe clean. Such as cement floor, should have a certain strength, moisture content of not more than 8%.
3. Carpets, liners and adhesives should be checked after checking the number, variety, specifications, colors, patterns, etc. meet the design requirements, such as compliance should be according to its variety, specifications were stored in a dry warehouse or room. With the pre-shop, with flowers, number, to be shop design access.
Should be in advance to be carpeted rooms, walkways and other around the skirting board to do a good job. Skirting board under the mouth are construction technology
Should leave the ground about 8mm, so that the carpet burr under the skullboard
4. Large area of construction should be released before the construction of a large sample, and do the model, the quality inspection departments to be qualified after the organization according to the requirements of the model construction.
Operation process:
1. Process flow
Base treatment → Bars, sets, sub-grid, positioning → Carpet cut → Striped barbed barbed bar → Laying pad → Paving carpet → Detail handling and cleaning
2. Activity-type laying: refers to the adhesive paste in the grass is not a way, that is, with the base of the fixed laying, around the corner can be repaired. Generally only applicable to the laying of decorative craft carpets.
3. Fixed laying operation process:
1) grass-roots treatment: laying the basement of the carpet, usually the concrete floor, it can be wood flooring or other materials on the ground. Requires smooth surface, smooth, clean, if any oil, must be wiped with acetone or turpentine. Such as cement floor, should have a certain strength, moisture content of not more than 8%, surface roughness deviation of not more than 4mm.
2) Bears, sets of sub-grid, sub-grid, positioning: to strictly in accordance with the design drawings of the different parts of the room and the specific requirements of the ball line, sets of sub-grid, such as the provisions of the drawings and requirements, The If the drawings are not specific requirements, should be symmetrical to find and the elastic line can be positioned laying.
3) carpet cut: carpet cutting should be in a relatively wide area of centralized and unified. Be sure to accurately measure the room size, and press the room and the carpet model used to register the number one by one. And then according to the size of the room, the shape of the carpet with a cutting machine material, the length of each carpet than the room grows about 2cm, the width of the carpet to cut the edge of the line after the size of the calculation. The bristles cut the edge of the part, and then hand cut the cutter from the blanket cut, cut after the roll into the volume of the volume, into the right room, a large area room should be cut in the construction site patchwork.
4) nail barbed board blanket: along the room or walk around the edge of the skirting board, with high-strength cement nails will be stabbed in the grass on the base of the direction of the nail towards the wall, the spacing of about 40cm or so. The barbed board should be 8-10mm away from the skirting board so that it can be stabbed.
5) laying the liner: the pad with a sticky brush 107 glue or polyvinyl acetate latex, stick to the ground floor, to leave the barbed wire about 10mm.