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Carpet In The Difference Between Polypropylene Carpets And Nylon Carpets?

1) nylon more environmentally friendly, and volatiles 100% qualified, without any harm to the human body, and polypropylene carpets are to varying degrees

2) nylon color is strong, rich colors, can meet your full imagination, especially carpet custom market (customized according to customer or designer patterns) have adequate space, but polypropylene carpets color dark color is relatively small, but if you have the opportunity to learn about importing polypropylene carpets, its richness of color and even nylon a spell;

3) product color fastness and stain resistance ability, if you want your carpet to use years, be sure to choose nylon carpet;

4) good elasticity, carpet is heavy recovery after the collapse of the original capacity of nylon as a result and pp less than 30%;

5) fire higher, market carpet can really reach B1 level fire only in nylon carpet and wool carpets, polypropylene, polyester, acrylic carpets should never reach B1 level fire protection requirements;

6) high cost performance, appears to throw in nylon is higher than polypropylene, but if the product is right, nylon carpet cost far higher than polypropylene carpets