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Carpet Maintenance

Now in home improvement, use the carpet more, some whole, some in pieces. How to carpet maintenance how to proceed?

1) to avoid cigarette butts. Now carpets flame retardant characteristics. But not every carpets flame retardant features. Regardless of flame-retardant or ordinary carpet, once in which cigarette butts off, minimum pit will burn a small Coke. So when you lay the carpet, surface should be equipped with a small piece of material left at home. When this occurs, the first haircut hair cut charred part of the carpet, and then left a small part of the carpet with a haircut hair cut, glued in after trim of burn pits. To dry after combing it.

2) overall carpet after some time, please use mechanical cleaning professional cleaning company. Concrete can be a reference to the degree of fouling.

3) If you get stains out of the carpet. If the infiltration of traces should be treated with milk for a moment, then brushing with a brush dipped in milk then. If animal and vegetable oil can be used for cotton dipped in pure gasoline to clean. Fruit juice and beer, first wipe with soft cloth dampened with a detergent solution and scrub with warm water with a little vinegar solution. Blot killing solved, sprinkle salt and then at the end at the dirt with warm water mixed with SOAP brush cleaning.