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Carpet Play, Warm Winter

Cold floor was always cold and hard, do you want to change the status quo? Try a carpet shop. Stiff flat once the carpet is paved on the ground will be a room full of cheer, it was euphoria, gives people a sense of beauty to enjoy. In addition, different patterns, different colors of carpet, can also create unique atmosphere. Both feel comfortable and warm at the same time, and may experience different styles of home atmosphere, really serve two purposes.

This collection of a wool carpet texture and luster, elegant Chinese palace patterns and ornate European style of art. Shop in the living room you can highlight the homeowner's pursuit of quality of life; on the bedroom will have a sense of Regal comfort.

Today's life, away from the natural, cute animals, green plants are almost out of our field of vision. Home is full of ornate classical style, this animal print rugs are added then to the children's room a few minutes naturally, so some kid stuff. Cotton texture is comfortable, even playing baby sit can rest assured, is a lovely and intimate of carpet.

With a wooden floor texture and colour of carpet can be matched with the different styles of rooms, but is more close to nature, give the room a bright and fun.

Background is gray, even dirty not-so-obvious. Simple lines sketched out a vintage pattern, simple, and affordable, worth buying.

Hand-woven carpets are so unique. Despite the high price, but pure wool surface material and connection lines are 100% cotton, either standing or sitting on the carpet, feels soft and comfortable.