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Carpet Story

Carpet The story of the carpet The earliest weaving process in the ancient Egyptian murals, archaeologists found that 3000 years there will be the performance of the textured mural in the prehistoric "loom" appears. In the caves of Benihassan, there were images of spinner and wearers. Although we have not been able to examine the effects of these knitted fabrics, but these weaving workers woven with a pattern or no pattern of fabric. In addition to ancient Egypt, in the eastern civilized areas can also be found in today's carpet

  Carpet Over the years, archaeologists have continued to find woven hangings, ground coverings and exquisite fabrics and tapestries in various places, although it is difficult to define today that such items are the same or contained in the above- The And the true meaning of the carpet was archaeologists in the Assyrian and Persian early (2000 BC - 500 years) in the middle of central Arabia, China, India found

  Carpet The carpet first appeared in the east and was there to be used there. The initial role is to give the temple color, or hanging in the tent, or as a pompous bedding in the saddle, but also to mark a seat for the visitors, and shop on the ground as a sleeping or prayer mats and so on. In different periods and regions found in the carpet highlights the region at that time the level of civilization and luxury