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Choose The Principle Of Printed Carpet

Choose the principle of Printed Carpet

Printed Carpet selection and decoration standards, the principle of unity of style

Any project, whether it is a new project, the old project renovation or renovation are planned, there are standards. Whether it is Western style or Chinese style; is the classical genre or modern genre, all this is what type of choice, grade, color, pattern Printed Carpet reference point, and only adhere to the decoration standard style with the election Printed Carpet uniformity, in order to make your project perfect, to achieve the purpose of icing on the cake.

Sub-regional selection of the principle of Printed Carpet

A complete hotel project is composed of several different areas, rooms, corridors, elevator hall, size restaurant, size conference room, reception room, office area, entertainment area and so on. Because of the different functions of these areas, also caused the flow of people, traffic ranging. Is quiet is the downtown, is cold is warm, in order to adapt to the special nature of the region, the choice of regional Printed Carpet must be echoed, that is, adaptive issues.

Printed carpet selection and external environment to adapt to the principle

Your hotel, the hotel out of what kind of external environment, you choose to use printed carpet has a lot of constraints. Perennial average rainfall, average temperature, outdoor relative temperature, humidity, air quality, health and green are all considerations, do not take these factors into account, will bring the Printed Carpet in the use of a lot of trouble. Such as Harbin nearly half of the winter, the city is very clean, but the guests feet of ice, snow into the hotel that is melting, to the corridor, the room Printed Carpet caused a lot of pollution. Shanxi is a coal-producing province, small and even the naked eye can not see the dust along with the shoes into the hotel, the Printed Carpet cleaning difficult. Therefore, in the external environment should be more special consideration when Printed Carpet type and the unity of the environment.

Printed carpet selection and engineering budget consistent with the principle

First of all, should not be affected by the budget used to select the level of printed carpet, but can be adjusted. Mechanism Printed Carpet due to the production process and the different ratio of raw materials caused by different prices, so as to not reduce the Printed Carpet level can also match the budget to provide a great choice. With 80% of the wool room printed carpet due to the production process is different, Amin Mint, Wilton, wool tufts price difference is obvious. 50% of the wool, 50% chemical fiber blended (chemical fiber in addition to nylon, polyester, acrylic and other chemical fiber prices are lower than the price of wool), both to ensure the practical quality of printed carpets, but also to eliminate static electricity, wool and chemical fiber advantages and disadvantages complement each other Can reduce the cost. It can also reduce the price by reducing the thickness of the printed carpet and reducing the weight of the pile. In short, should not reduce the use of printed carpet category, the level of the principle, in the same level, with the same type of Printed Carpet within the variety, with the proportion of wool, pile weight adjustment, in order to print the quality of carpet with the project budget.

Printed carpet selection to adhere to the principle of three stores

Whether it is imported Printed Carpet or domestic Printed Carpet, manufacturers will be due to the different equipment, raw materials used in different processing and processing of different levels of management, resulting in the final product, variety, quality, color, price and service vary The Through the product of the manufacturers can choose the use of sample comparison, information analysis, inspection companies and other ways to complete, in order to achieve the best choice for Printed Carpet and get the service better purpose.