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Full Of Kids Mat Measurement Notes

Full of Kids Mat measurement notes
Kids Mat type in the most king of the wind, pounds of momentum is full of Kids Mats, although full of Kids Mat construction difficulties, it is not easy to replace, in the cleaning and maintenance should be more carefully dealt with, but the overall laying of the created Gorgeous grace, far from the general child pad can replace. Winter can keep heat, summer can prevent the loss of cold air, especially for the overall image of the enterprises, restaurants, and even giants mansion, unique and unique and more dignified, but also to the guests courteous. Full of Kids Mat manufacturing methods by machine or manual weaving, more able to show the fine pattern of fine, in the large number of space to use, you can fully enrich the overall visual effects.
Full of Kids Mat measurement notes, measurements should pay attention to matters
1, full of children to confirm the size of children before the test specifications, lines to the direction of laying.
2, full of Kids Mat measurement should pay attention to the future seams can not be at the entrance, the main walkway, the main activity area, so as not to easily break the future breakage.
3, full of Kids Mat surface to be smooth, scheduled seam should also be flat, if necessary, can be flattened.
4, to understand the way to deal with edge, the use of the type of bar (aluminum or copper), size.
5, measuring the staircase to calculate the facade area between the steps to reduce the seam.
6, full of child pads need to map the size of the size, as the price calculation and construction reference.
When the measurement is also the way to pay attention to the laying of the ground is damp, uneven, cracks, cement residue, the old Kids Mattress is damaged, defects and other conditions, and properly handled, and then arrange the construction. Can be used rubber, styrofoam, velveteen and other materials as a child full of children at the end of the pad, select the high density of products, can enhance the fullness of Kids Mats soft, sound-absorbing effect, reduce wear and tear.
With the increasingly fashionable and personalized home decoration, various styles and types of Kids Mats continue to appear in the market. Kids Mat has gradually become a home decoration fashion leader. That consumers in the purchase of Kids Mats, should start from that side, in the selection process, what good skills?
Kids Mat quality, in addition to the characteristics of fiber and processing, but also with the plush fiber density, weight, twist method has a great relationship. In general, the denser the plush, the heavier the weight per unit area of plush, the more the texture and appearance of the child pad. According to experience, short hair and dense child pad is more durable.
Select the three principles of attention
Check: check the density and elasticity of the general short-haired Kids Mats. First of all, with the thumb on the child pad, according to the rapid return to the original state, that the weaving density and flexibility are better; secondly, the child pad bending, the more difficult to see the bottom pad, said plush weave dense, more durable The
Second, the Kids Mat material, weave structure and processing are for different environmental needs of the decision, the purchase should be based on different space selection of different materials, color and specifications of the child pad. General child pads are marked with a description of the applicable environment and the ability to withstand the frequency of movement, the selection should be clear when the child pad label on the corresponding choice.
Three Note: the purchase of Kids Mats, should pay attention to whether the factory to provide dust, pollution, wear, static control and other guarantees. Generally excellent home Kids Mats, have been wear-resistant, anti-static, anti-fouling treatment. In addition, pay attention to the location of the child pad laying and the size of the walk. Different areas of activity should choose different materials, Kids Mats, such as the entrance, the hall, we must use the higher density, wear-resistant Kids Mats (such as short-bellied cashmere, velvet); small amount of activities such as the bedroom, You can choose plush high, soft child pad (such as cut velvet).