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Hotel Carpet Care

Dust: it is to hold on to one or more times daily cleaning, carpet dust on the surface about 80% can it be sucked. Before vacuuming must be broom to clean up the rough rubbish, and then use the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet thoroughly vacuuming is the most important maintenance carpet, vacuum the dust will not only remove carpet dust, gravel, and can reduce the number of carpet cleaning, restoring elasticity of the carpet fibers. To extend the life of carpet, vacuum to take the corners of the carpet when not leaking. Depending on the area of carpet, develop appropriate cleaning plan.

Guaranteed carpet drying: if certain conditions (such as leaks, water, etc) or carpet after washing, must open doors and Windows to make good ventilation so that the carpet is dry, such as leaks, special circumstances cause the carpet too much water, you must use water suction machine again after treatment, and then open the doors and Windows or ventilation dryer to dry the carpet.