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How Does The Hotel Choose The Thickness Of The Carpet?

How does the hotel choose the thickness of the Carpet?
Many places that use carpets use Carpet to increase foot feel or enhance fire resistance, such as hotel conference rooms, banquet halls, corridors aisles, etc., but how to choose the thickness of the mat to achieve increased use of the same time while saving costs? Come and listen to the views of the carpet Xiaobian it!

1, the hotel room: the carpet is generally used in the carpet is relatively thick, you can sound insulation, noise reduction, increase comfort, but some high-end hotels pay special attention to comfort, foot feeling, the most economical and convenient approach is laid under the carpet Layer Carpet. Of course, the thickness of the mat should not be too high, the general thickness of 5-10mm can be, because the thick resistance is greater, easy to walk when the foot, while the density should be moderate, about 100-120g / m³, to improve customer on the carpet Of comfort.

2. Hotel corridor: At present, most hotels and public places will be laid corridor carpet, the general corridor carpet thickness of medium, in order to achieve noise reduction and cost savings, then you can choose thick Carpet, 8-10mm thickness Yes, too thick will affect the movement of the dining car and suitcase. Of course, the mat density must be large, because the corridor traffic is relatively large, the density is too small, the service life will be reduced, so the density is generally 100-120g / m³,

3. Ballroom: the same as the hotel corridor, banquet hall carpet is not suitable for too thick Carpet, will affect the movement of the dining car, so choose 8-10mm, the density of 100-120gm³ mat can be, At the same time you can use flame retardant sponge mat or rubber Carpet to enhance the effectiveness of flame retardant and banquet hall security.

4. Of course there are some places do not need to use Carpet, such as the laying of blankets office and the use of hand blanket reception room.
1. Hotel corridor carpet: the current escalating grade of the hotel, so the choice of carpet and increasingly stringent requirements, in order to better increase the customer experience of the hotel, the hotel will be in the rooms, banquet hall, corridor and other areas of all carpet , Increase comfort, reduce noise, anti-skid to improve customer safety, to the hotel corridor or the use of professional corridor carpet better. Like Ake Ming carpet, Wilton carpet, nylon printing carpet is a good choice.

2. office corridor carpet: office corridor traffic, for ladies, high heels and the ground friction sounds exceptionally large, the most prone to noise, and the reasons for water stains will slip, so the office corridor should also lay the carpet to reduce the office area Noise, adsorption of dust, etc., to provide staff with a quiet and good office environment. Nylon square carpet is a good choice Oh, anti-static fire also played the role of noise reduction, while transport and pavement more convenient, suitable for high office space.