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How To Buy Home Hand Mat And Has A Collection Value

Handmade mat is a symbol of family wealth and taste, beginning to have more and more people pay attention to hand mats.
Handmade mats with manual hand weaving, the main material is wool and silk, before and after the process after the design, color, dyeing yarn, the by, hand knot, blanket, wash blanket, cast scissors, dressing more than a dozen processes processing Made from. Mats can be dozens of colors blend together. Creating a close and delicate Mat, hand Mat life can be up to several decades to more than a century. In such a cumbersome weaving process, making a hand Mat production time takes a few months to a year or two. But the market a lot of hand mats, the price is not the same, then how can we buy a valuable hand Mat it?
Pick method flow:
First, look at the raw materials:
Good wool is smooth and soft, the better wool is Australia and New Zealand wool. Excellent wool and silk is a guarantee of high quality.
Second, look at the production process:
Now the world's hand-woven mat technology is also different. We have to first look at the back of the mat is strong, more traditional hand-woven process has 8 buckle, Turkey's single, double buckle, etc., can make the more reliable use of the Mat, very durable. Look at whether the use of spinning, dyeing, knotting, flat, film, wash, cast scissors, dressing and other processes, only through these complicated production processes of hand mat thick solid, bold three-dimensional pattern. This is the best hand Mat. Handmade mats are now the main producing countries of India, Turkey, Egypt, the famous handmade mats.
Third, look at the details of the deal:
The color of the hand Mat is varied and the pattern is rich in color. Than the general woven mat to be much more, even a small pattern, hand Mat will be used to a dozen colors were weaving and polish. This is the woven mat can never be done, this is the most important handmade mattress of the artistic value and collection value.
Persian Mat made of wool and silk weaving, pattern color is dense
Handmade blanket classification:
1, the Persian Mat and wool and silk woven from the pattern color is dense, with a strong Western style, temperament on the elegant.
2, European-style French mat with pure wool with silk silk woven, pattern gorgeous romantic, with the effect of Western oil painting, with a strong European style.
3, Tibetan all the patterns are woven by the silk, the color to beige-based, plus a small amount of gold, pink, red, simple and neat patterns, fresh and elegant, simple style revealed mystery.
4, Beijing-style traditional Chinese culture to the rich national color condensed in the rug between the blanket, so that more cultural heritage, more rich national color.
Sisal Mat fiber is extracted from 5 to 7 years of agave leaf, energy saving, biodegradable, anti-bite, flame retardant, anti-static, high elasticity, sound absorption, heat insulation, wear and so on. Sisal Mat is an all-natural product, it contains moisture, can change with the environment and moisture or moisture to adjust the environment and air temperature. So how should I buy sisal Mat? How can we pick the appropriate sisal Mat? What is the method of picking sisal Mat?
Sisal Mat raw material of the crystallinity is very low, but the fiber strength is high. In the processing of sisal, the mechanical removal of sisal fiber in the gum, but the machine is not clean, to retain a lot of impurities, more difficult to crystallize.
Sisal mill production of raw materials is high-lignin lignin, but he contains very low quality lime. This chemical properties, so that sisal fiber fiber number is high, the material is very tough. This is also the sisal Mat in use is not easy to damage the reasons. But the sisal of the color is very difficult, must be treated with chemical dyes. Sisal Mat crystal capacity will be significantly reduced, toughness will be weakened, so that the softness of sisal fiber will become better, the difficulty of processing will also be reduced.