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How To Choose The Living Room Printed Carpet Color

How to choose the living room Printed Carpet color
       Modern home decoration, some in the living room covered with Printed Carpet, which to the living room decoration and added a point. The choice of Printed Carpet color is based on personal preferences and aesthetic awareness of the choice of Printed Carpet. However, from the perspective of feng shui, the choice of Printed Carpet color have to pay attention to. Here Xiaobian tell you how to choose to print the carpet.
    Living room feng shui how to choose the living room Printed Carpet color Wang wealth
    From the perspective of the living room feng shui, Printed Carpet color should choose the color is more colorful, so the moment to the room to play the effect of Wang gas. So the color should be selected in red or gold-based color.
    The color of the Printed Carpet in the living room as far as possible not to use monotonous Printed Carpet, which will appear dim the living room, no angry, that gas can not be said. The laying of Printed Carpets is equivalent to a green grass in front of the house, so that it is easy to gather.
    Living room feng shui how to choose the living room Printed Carpet color Wang wealth
    The pattern of the Printed Carpet is related to the direction of the living room door. Feng Shui said that the pattern is wavy-like five elements of water, star pattern is fire, straight stripes are wood, square grid-like pattern of soil, round shape of the gold. Living room door direction and pattern with the good can bring good luck.
    Living room feng shui how to choose the living room Printed Carpet color Wang wealth
    Choose the color of the carpet is best to create a harmonious, colorful Printed Carpet, that gives a vibrant scene. In the choice of the pattern in accordance with their own preferences to choose at the same time also take into account the direction of the living room door, only the correct choice of the Printed Carpet will not appear in the family strange.
 Many people are using Printed Carpet, home is noble and elegant. Printed Carpets are beautiful, but clean and maintenance is a headache. The arrival of the summer heat, Printed Carpets become bacteria and mites and other hotbeds, if you do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, easy to bring harm to the family, this time the Printed Carpet cleaning and maintenance is particularly important.
Printed Carpet maintenance common errors
Misunderstanding 1: regular cleaning is maintenance
Many people think that to keep the Printed Carpet clean, it is necessary to rinse regularly. In fact, if you often rinse the Printed Carpet, will affect its softness, color, luster. Routine maintenance is generally done by means of vacuum.
Misunderstanding 2: prolonged exposure to Printed Carpet
Many people will wash the Printed Carpet into the sun under the irradiation, that this can make it dry faster, or print the carpet into the sun exposure to achieve the bactericidal effect, in fact, this is wrong. Printed Carpet generally 1-2 hours is no problem, but a long time exposure will make the Printed Carpet lost the original soft and color, no doubt more harm than good. The best way to dry the Printed Carpet is to place the air vents naturally.