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How To Choose The Material And Thickness Of Wushu Carpet?

How to choose the material and thickness of wushu Carpet?

Recently, many countries and regions are very pay attention to physical exercise, such as Malaysia, Thailand, etc., martial arts, sanda has become a project such as their first choice of entertainment, and these exercising hard, easy to contact with the ground body damage, these activities may choose to use Carpet to ensure the safety of movement personnel's body, on the other hand also can prevent the ground slippery cause hurt. So how do we choose the martial arts Carpet?

1. Material: general Carpets made of wool, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, wool insulation material comfort, best nylon material performance, durability, and with the wool Carpet, with flame retardant properties and lower cost of material and polyester and polypropylene fiber Carpet, use more widely. For wushu Carpets, use the stream, and exercising hard, should use good durability, high cost performance, Carpet skid resistance good material, so the nylon Carpet material is the best choice, greater limit the increase of service life, and improve security.

2. Thickness: Carpet of high for 2-12 mm +, different Carpets and use place, Carpet of high also has the difference, for wushu Carpets, if too thick affect the movement effect of exercisers, is too thin for the security of the activists, so best high pile in about 7 to 8 mm.

It is necessary to lay a firm cushion under the Carpet. Floor mat can form good foundation between hard ground and Carpet, floor mat can increase the comfort of the foot not only and can lengthen the service life of Carpet. Floor MATS can also reduce the impact of excessive human traffic on space by absorbing the noise from walking. Floor mat is still very good insulator, can reduce electrostatic to human body injury.

The Carpet is equipped with high quality flame retardant floor mat, the use of environmental materials, do not contain harmful substances, adopt scientific process, flame retardant effect is remarkable. With Carpet collocation laying can increase the comfort of foot feeling, make the Carpet return of the Carpet good, restoring force is strong, the tensile strength is high, not easy to deform. Carpet fire retardant floor MATS, products take into roll supply, transportation and construction convenience, the use of less interface, the Carpet laying construction effect is excellent.

Why choose floor MATS when laying Carpet? This should be a question for many people, because the unassuming Carpet accessories are often overlooked and sometimes even considered as an extra cost. In fact, Carpet and ground mat is a combination element, need tie-in use, mat also is the key that lengthen Carpet service life at the same time. Choose the right floor mat, not only won't overspend the money, and will let your Carpet value sense get promoted! Here is a Carpet for the benefits of Carpet MATS.

The advantage of laying Carpet mat:

• add ground buffer to improve the comfort level of feet.

• floor MATS, like shock absorbers, can protect the Carpet and floor space at the same time.

• floor mat ACTS as a barrier layer to reduce noise and help sound insulation.

• the ground mat with flame retardant effect can effectively prevent fire from happening.

• floor MATS can act as insulators to save energy bills!