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How To Clean The Printed Carpet

 Printed Carpet How to clean the printed carpet printing carpet is essential for home life supplies, put a printed carpet on the edge of the sofa, no chaos is sitting there reading, or easy to enjoy the TV program, is a pleasant thing, For a long time, printing the carpet will inevitably be dirty, the following to teach you a few recipes easy to clean the printed carpet stubborn a good way.

  Printed Carpet Vinegar is one of the best cleaning agents to prevent printing discoloration, removal of stains and odor elimination. When you sit on a printed carpet and carelessly pour the juice and coffee on it, you can use facial tissue or dry cloth Dry, and then mix the same amount of vinegar or alcohol sprinkled on the stains, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.

  In addition, kittens, puppies also like the printed carpet on the lazy tummy, it will leave a certain smell, then you can use the right amount of vinegar to join the warm water, and then wipe with a wet towel, and then print The carpet on the ventilated place to dry, you can remove the smell.

  Printed Carpet Printed dust on the carpet is also one of the most troublesome things of housewives, broom can be soaked in soap and water after the sweeping carpet, so that dust adsorbed on the broom, and then sprinkle with fine salt, because the salt can not only inhibit the dust flying, But also can absorb smaller dust, so that printing carpet becomes more durable, often keep the color bright. There is also a way to soak the old sheets with water, wring it dry, shop on the printed carpet, and then beat the sticks, dust was adsorbed on the wet cloth, and then printed on the carpet can be dried