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How To Select Carpet

Only the texture of the carpet shop, not only requires space to be moist, soft, can soften your touch, but in the face of linen, cotton, wool, chemical fiber carpets of so many different materials, how to choose? How to home furnishings to match? Here is Beijing Sheng-day land real estate brokerage company brokers talked about how to choose a carpet:

Color, texture, patterns and specifications is to select a carpet four thinking directions. According to the carpet, floor texture required material, such as tiles, marble floor carpet suitable for intense color, warm to the touch; Ma, fiber, wood floors for carpet or a warm carpet. Furthermore according to size, decision carpet size, and the pattern is set, depending on your preference.

, Carpet material: can be selected according to the living conditions and consumption levels.

⑴, with wool as raw materials, beautiful designs, colorful, thick, good decorative effect. Wool carpet is expensive, not wear-resisting, moth, corrosion protection need to be considered. Variety Hall carpet, bed blankets, bath mat, foot blanket, blanket nearly 10 kinds.

⑵, synthetic carpets; wear-resistant, sound absorption, thermal insulation, abrasion resistance, light, insect-resistant, antistatic, and advantages such as cheap, but its poor flexibility, ash. Appropriate selection of an average family.

C, blend carpet in wool and synthetic fibre blended. Has a warm, wear-resistant, rot-boring and other characteristics, prices are moderate.

D, plastic carpets-production of PVC resin, plasticizers and other supporting material, even by mixing plastic and light carpets. With soft, colorful, self-extinguishing non combustion, comfortable and durable features.

Second, color: ground use low light warm colors. Living room choose red or golden yellow carpet will look sumptuous luxury. Bedroom operated by camel or neutral tones such as beige carpet to create a quiet and elegant atmosphere.

Third, patterns: living room can choose to spend a bigger, darker color carpet, people feel sedate bedroom you can choose flowers, bright carpet color, makes people feel comfortable and neat.

Four specifications: width of rolls of carpet is generally 3.7m, users can purchase satisfactorily after cropping.