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How To Solve The Problem Of Hotel Carpet Up Wrinkles?

Common quality defects of hotel carpet played drums, wrinkling, color inconsistencies and loose carpets and other hotel. Hotel carpets such as blistering, wrinkling, except carpet in front of the pavement has not spread outside the hotel, mainly due to elastic pavement hang uneven and Barb barbed individual misses.

Hotel carpet open, muster phenomenon appears, hotel carpet should be rolled out, spread flat. Or paving support evenly mounted barbed plates immediately after Zhang ping, with a flat shovel beating, ensure that all Barb to seize the hotel carpet.

If the color is inconsistent, with the exception of the bad quality of the material, including grass-roots surface moisture or water make the hotel carpet after water discoloration and sun exposure makes the hotel carpet surface to shallow. So pay attention when buying select good quality, same color Hotel carpets.

In addition, if Barb barbed fixed not on the Board, will lead to the hotel carpet shift is loose, so ask for repair company configuration barbed plates to ensure barbed all seize the hotel carpet.