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Printed Carpet With A Good Home To Create A Perfect Home Space

Printed Carpet with a good home to create a perfect home space
    The living room of the Printed Carpet is not necessarily very large, small piece, according to the different season to replace the different materials, or plush or linen, sofa, Printed Carpet and the depth of the floor transition, to add a sense of hierarchy.
According to the size of the living room and the degree of shade, the choice of Printed Carpet has a lot of noteworthy place, the larger the bright spot of the living room selection of a wider range, but the dark Printed Carpet for the bright living room to add a warm, The area of the living room is more suitable for use with light-colored Printed Carpet, the visual will be more bright, the space will appear even greater.
Sunny winter, a huge thick plush Printed Carpet will definitely bring you very warm; summer living room in the blanket, straw design with a national character, to bring comfort at the same time so that the ground Buzhi Yu Like the floor as cool
◆ restaurant area
More and more apartments with restaurant and living room connected to the design, increase the sense of space through the lack of sense of the different functional areas of the separation of the sense of the restaurant's carpet to meet the overall design of the apartment style, but also and the living room printing The carpet is different, but also to cover the entire dining area to achieve the best comfort. Between the dark furnishings and the white walls, the shades of gray prints the carpet form a visual transition, making the environment more comfortable. The slightly elastic plush completely solves the noise produced by the friction between the chair and the floor, has a quiet dining environment while also protecting the expensive wooden floor.
And the restaurant's retro British temperament match, flannel material with rattan chair, comfortable texture to bring you the ultimate enjoyment of dining.
◆ bedroom area
Bedroom area of the carpet to the practicality and comfort of the main, the color can completely rely on the owner's personal preferences, private space in their favorite is the most important.
Bedroom Printed Carpet does not need to be too large, and sometimes only a small piece of bed can be covered, and not let the feet out from the warm blanket after direct contact with the cold ground, is the most used in the bathroom carpet The
Summer, Printed Carpet can be replaced with straw mats, cool seats mild features will not let your feet directly feel the cold floor, but also has a cool feeling. The preparation of the lines in the light of the refraction, to bring you a unique summer wonderful feeling.
The face of a variety of colors of the sofa, Printed Carpet does not necessarily blindly take the simple route, this time the carpet can also be stunning, but remember the best carpet or choose no pattern of the same color or bright and dark with the style, otherwise Will appear too messy, it is irritable.
As we all know, the biggest drawback of Printed Carpet is to take care of too much trouble, although some families like the texture of the Printed Carpet, comfortable, but in cleaning and maintenance of Printed Carpet look prohibitive. Service network Printed Carpet maintenance experts said that in fact, as long as the correct grasp of the use of Printed Carpets, cleaning and other methods, Printed Carpet is still the first choice for home accessories.
    Shop in the coffee table, sofa, table below the Printed Carpet, often the most easy to "taste" to the juice, cola and other beverages. If not timely clean up, I am afraid that in the future is difficult to deal with, delicate Printed Carpet will therefore leave stains. So, when the Printed Carpet stained with liquid, to quickly tow a towel or paper towel to dry the surface of the stains, and then soaked with warm water surface, and then repeated towel to dry water until no stains so far. If you run into stubborn stains, it is necessary to add softener in warm water, so stained with stained surface in the water soak 5 to 15 minutes, and then repeatedly rinse with water.
    For the general imitation silk Printed Carpet or small size Printed Carpet, can be directly into the washing machine machine wash. Daily cleaning, in order to avoid printing blankets after drying wrinkles, Printed Carpet is best to hang dry. When the Printed Carpet dry to seventy percent, with a brush will be imitation silk Printed Carpet fiber in the same direction straighten out.
    Wool Printed Carpet is very delicate, once the cleaning properly, prone to deformation, fade and so on, and it is difficult to restore the original appearance. Therefore, the service network received a large amount of Printed Carpet cleaning, wool Printed Carpet cleaning needs particularly large. Usually Printed Carpet in use a year later, you need to conduct a thorough and thorough professional cleaning.