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Surface Cleaning Of Carpets

Surface cleaning: carpeting after 15 days to a month of time, some superficial stains will show it, or have lost their fresh degree of the carpet itself, at this point it is necessary to carry out effective surface cleaning. Most common method is with a single wipe with dry foam carpet cleaning agent to treatment, dry foam carpet agent has rapid decomposition and restore a natural effect, rapid and volatile, cleaning and water absorption (dust) operation after about 4 hours, carpet can be used normally.

Completely cleaning: after two to three a surface cleaning cycle yihou, on must for once completely cleaning, its role and purpose is put precipitation Yu carpet roots of sand, and stains removed cleanup removed, even put hid in soft Assembly ornaments carpet in the of blanket lice eradication, to reached insecticidal disinfection of role, makes carpet again restore, to people again feel to pine Peng, and soft fresh of feel. The main method is to wash your carpet with carpet extraction machine agent (low foaming agent) to powerful saturate and decomposition, with strong water absorption effect absorb stains, in General, use volatile strong low foam carpet agent, about five hours after the cleaning, carpet can be returned to normal use. Everyone to remember, carpet itself is closed of, in cleaning Shi water easily in air in the circulation volatile, if you select volatile sex poor of low bubble carpet agent, very has may will caused carpet bottom of Ma quality layer metamorphic moldy, and produced weird taste, will directly effect guest of feel, to effect hotel of business, this is in for cleaning carpet operation process in the must caused note of place.