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Tell Your Carpets Are Good What?

Carpet is good what?

Carpets are decorative and practical process of art, and interior architecture of drapery. Due to the type and color of the carpet has a wealth, may, in accordance with their

The landscaping needs of personal interests and the environment as a whole, for example, coordinate carpets and walls, furniture, choosing the right carpet to create owner

Personalized art space, and so on. Carpet became the owners show styles of fashion elements, can owners at the art of elegant warm atmosphere

And relax pleasure.

Second, the benefits of carpet which absorb and reduce noise:

Compared to carpets and other soft surfaces on the ground, has good sound-absorbing effect, is one of the most effective acoustical architecture drapery, able to fully absorb the Interior of

Echo noise, reduce the transmission and reflection of sound through a floor or wall, creating a quiet home environment.

Third, what are the benefits of carpet insulation with thermal conductivity effect:

Carpet with a hard floor coverings materials has a certain warmth, heating of the ground heating system has good heat transfer, and

Increasing temperatures, makes people feel comfortable, has good insulation in the winter.

Four, carpet, what are the benefits of safe, non-slip:

Walking on the carpet, not easy to slip, soft elastic carpet, will reduce the possibility of injury due to fell to, especially for the elderly and children

Children can play a role in security.

Five, what are the benefits of carpets reduce the shock of the discomfort of, reducing fatigue:

Stepped on a carpet of soft elastic, will feel completely relaxed and comfortable, reducing fatigue and hard surface does not appear with the sole

Hit resulting from shock, resulting in discomfort, improve the quality of life.

Six, what are the benefits of carpet dust and environmental protection:

Hesitation carpet carpet for dense pile structure, so dust falling from the sky is a carpet pile absorption, prevents dust criticism

Reduce the amount of dust in the air, and with a balance of indoor temperature, keep indoor air cleaning function.