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Use The Benefits Of Mat

Use the benefits of Mat
    Anti-fall more secure
Old people and children are more brittle in the rigid Material, such as tiles, flooring, it is easier to slip, especially in the wet season of the south, once the fall, it is prone to fracture. Thick and soft pad is completely different. Like a vase, if dropped on the hard ground Material, instantly crushed, but if the Mat, it will be safe and sound. Safety is the foundation of the home, to the family to create a safe, comfortable home environment, more than anything else.
    Non-toxic and healthier
Full of bedding is a textile, almost no formaldehyde, other VOC and other harmful gases is far below the national standard. This is more than the use of glue in other hard Materials to be more secure, we all know, formaldehyde is colorless and tasteless, volatile time up to ten years. Formaldehyde can harm the body's immune system, leading to nausea and vomiting, serious lead to cell cancer, how can we tolerate family life in such an environment? Choose the pad, you no worries.
    In addition to mite effect
Many consumers may not know that mites are everywhere. The main way is to heat and suck. Hard ground Material, mites floating in the surface, not only flying everywhere, by sweeping and mopping the land can not disappear. Diamond Mat through pest control mites special treatment, so that it does not have mites production environment, even if there is a small amount of existence, with a vacuum cleaner can easily wash.
    Clean without dust
Many domestic places compared to the European countries, the gap between the great environmental quality, we have such an experience since childhood. In the sun, but unfortunately see the dust in the non-stop flying. Rigid flooring can not absorb dust, walking and slight vibration can raise the dust, breathing in the chest caused by respiratory diseases. The wool Mat rich pile can effectively absorb dust, the general family two to three days to use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the net.
    Saving more money
Rigid flooring is a good conductor of heat, cold or warm air can flow directly from the ground. Pad is a bad bad conductor, like a quilt, can effectively block the loss of hot and cold energy, saving more than 30%.
Europe and the United States people like to pave the way, they think the home full of bedding can reflect the warmth of the family and comfort, enhance the quality of life. They also like to enter the soft feeling at home under the soles of the feet, pad insulation properties also make the home more pleasant temperature. Today, many of the public space of the ground is also deliberately used full of bedding, in order to give guests this home like the feeling of relaxation. From the comfort and decorative speaking, the advantages of the pad is absolutely greater than any other Material, we have reason to believe that the future, full of bedding from the hotel into the home.
Most of the Chinese housewives will frown: how difficult to clean out the hair every day! Coffee or milk accidentally sprinkle up how to do? Daily ground care will be more difficult ... ... In fact, all kinds of complaints are from the pad Hard to clean up the "bad impression." Any Material after long-term use are inevitably to depreciation, and some even because of temporary loss caused by difficult to make up for the defects, tiles, flooring so, the pad is also the case. So we do not so demanding on the pad - coffee sprinkle up, you can immediately clean, it can not wash no way. Would you like to clean up every day, but the pad has the advantage that the dust is not floating on the surface, but hiding in the fiber, which undoubtedly gives you lazy Chance, even if the day does not care, it will not like the floor or floor tile surface as a layer of floating ash. The Mat is difficult to clean the pimple after the release, we found that home with a full bedding, the place seems like a lot of big, family activities are more comfortable, and pad insulation performance, so that the home feel warm in the winter, summer savings Consumption.