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What About The Door Mat, Those Features Superior?

What about the Door Mat, those features superior?

How about the Door Mat:

The Door Mat has come to market as a new kind of material Door Mat in these years, not many people know it. What are the characteristics and functions of the Door Mat?

The Door Mat is in the last 20 to 30 years to appear, the material that it USES differs from general Door Mat, it is the natural material that USES is prepared, it is accord with modern people to pure and fresh natural pursuit. The fiber extraction from the Door Mat is extracted from five to seven years of sisal hemp, giving out natural plant tendency, which can relieve tension and tension.

The Door Mat can not only relieve the mood of mind and body, the change of the environment of the space in the home can release moisture or moisture absorption, can let the space humidity in the home to the human body comfortable humidity. Because it is a natural product so it is not as easy to degrade as synthetic products, compared with the energy saving, compared with the general floor can reduce air conditioning consumption.

However, it is important to note that when placed, do not put in a place where the uv light is strong. Otherwise, it will change color and shrink or expand due to the moisture absorption of the Door Mat. The Door Mat is in the production of 200 degrees of high temperature sterilizing, with the function of insect repellance.

Hemp material Door Mat is pure natural fiber material, it does not contain formaldehyde this is bad chemical emission of human body. And in the absorption of sweat, breathable performance far more than other chemical fiber material Door Mat wants to dump 18 street. So the Door Mat has been in the market for years and more and more families pay more attention to buying.

A few points of the Door Mat's benefits to the human body:

1. Hemp material Door Mat is not only natural fiber raw material, but also is a very good Chinese herbal medicine. It has the efficacy of non-toxic, invigorating blood, detoxifying, improving the liver and kidney, curing the skin, especially applied to the skin treatment, the curative effect is very good.

2, because the Door Mat is a kind of natural material products, so there will be a lot of advantages, is obvious Door Mat has strong moisture, it can be change along with the indoor temperature changes, such as release water or moisture, so that we can make indoor humidity to achieve the most comfortable humidity.

3, Door Mat is natural material, so can adjust indoor temperature, fight allergy, antibacterial. Don't worry about sensitive skin at home.

4, Door Mat made of natural fibre with natural spindle structure and unique pectic substance hypotenuse hole, contact with the skin produces wool stoma phenomenon, it is heated with open, can absorb the sweat and heat conduction out quickly, encounter cold, closed, heat preservation, which has good air permeability, hygroscopicity and platoon is wet.

Door Mat selection method:

1. Fold: to make the Door Mat cover outwards, you can see that there is a small knot at the end of each line. Hand Door Mat is not completely symmetrical, every 2-7 cm will have slight irregular appearance.

2. Observation: if there is a clear pattern on the back of the Door Mat, there is no such feature in machine weaving. Only the hand mat is there, and its whiskers are naturally extended by the wire harness, and the weaving is stitched up.

3. Hand feeling: the back of the hand touches the velvets, along with the feeling of the hand smooth, the reverse side will have the feeling of being blocked. Also, the smooth surface and reverse side of the reflective effect are different, the smooth surface looks lighter, the reverse surface is darker. The flannelette of hand Door Mat should be consistent, roughly the Angle of the warp and the weft line is 45 degree Angle. When placing the furniture on the Door Mat, the suede will not be directly overwhelmed. However, the suede is poured into a 90 degree machine Door Mat, and after placing the furniture, it will overwhelm the suede and cause damage to the Door Mat.